The Silver Lining Of Hurricanes

By Reegan Bond
Intermediate Category (Grades 9-10)
Innovation | Energy and Natural Resources

Hurricanes are a disastrous storm that hit ocean coastlines every year. These storms can cost billions of dollars and they are only getting worse. With warming oceans and atmospheres, hurricanes are getting stronger and more common. With my project I wanted to look at the silver lining of these storms, what good can we get out of hurricanes? We can’t get rid of them as they are a key part of our water cycle, so how can we use there disastrous effects to our advantage.

I looked into two areas energy and water. Using hurricanes winds to generate power with a different and unconventional type of wind turbine the Vertical Axis Wind Turbine. These turbines that take up little space and can generate wind from all different directions. Another type of reusable energy is tidal. Tidal power is new and still being improved. One of its forms is tidal stream, which is essentially an under water turbine. Storm surges that occur during hurricanes work a lot like tides. Placing tidal stream turbine of the coastlines of hurricanes prone areas, generating power from both the daily tides and storm surges.

For water I examined cities drainage systems. Our local drains are slow and scares. The Heavy Rain Drain, as I call it, is built underneath our current roads. Building a door like hinge into our lanes, the drain is able to expand for the amount of rain that is expected. The rain water is then filtered and sent out to be used from our taps. The idea of this project is to expand our idea of what a natural disaster does. All we see currently is the damage but what if we could see the good that they can bring. Hurricanes are something that will always be around, so instead of dwelling on them shouldn’t we be finding a better way to prepare and adapt to them. This is what I want my project to do. To start a conversation about hurricanes.

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