How Spiders Catch Their Prey

By Esha Bhangu
Elementary Category (Grades 4-6)
Study | Environment

There are so many ways spiders catch their prey, and lots of spiders catch their prey differently! Some don’t even use webs, and rely on other stuff such as their speed, and eyes. An Orb-Weaver spider makes a web, and the web is very sticky, causing prey to get stuck. But most spiders actually have very bad eyesight, so they notice from vibration. Cob web spiders and Mesh web spiders also catch their prey like this. Triangular spiders make a triangular web, but it’s not sticky, it’s fuzzy! The fuzz smothers it’s prey. A Funnel web spider catches its prey by making a funnel web, and waiting for a bug to come in, and then they run to catch it. Sheet web spiders also do almost the same, except their web is a dome shape.

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