The War Against Waste

By Priyam Mehta
Elementary Category (Grades 4-6)
Study | Agriculture, Environment

Food waste has been a trending topic in the news for the past few decades, and this issue has caused a significant amount of destruction to the environment and economy. There have been a variety of attempts to solve this problem, however, as of today, there are no concrete solutions to this dangerous problem. The food waste problem was shown on the news one day, depicting the massive amount of food waste that a typical hotel produces which then inspired me to conduct research on this topic. A great number of media sources were consulted in order to determine a lasting, permanent solution to this. In-depth research and advice from many individuals specializing in this topic led me to be duly educated on the dangers of food waste and how it can be far more sinister than it appears to be, harming us in a multitude of ways. From this point I aim to educate the individuals surrounding me, and hopefully, the society around me, on how food waste can affect us, and also minimize food wastage for my community and myself.

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